The Next New Thing – And a Possible Dairy Solution…

OK – so I have been pondering this whole dairy situation… Funny as it may sound, it feels like stepping off a cliff. I have already given up a lot of things I love, dammit.

I posted a bit back that I signed up for The IF Life, and gave the IF (intermittent¬†fasting) a try. Well, I didn’t give it my full attention for long. Typical naughty me. But when I did, it seemed to work, at least initially. I want to get back to it. I will start today.

I got a blog update from that site this morning that talked about morning coffee. Yay! Now this guy does coffee with no cream (yuck). But – he pointed me in his post to another blogger’s post about coffee: The Bulletproof Executive. This guy also does IF – but he makes a creamy coffee and a case for healthy fats by putting COCONUT OIL or BUTTER in his coffee and blending it up to a creamy state. He swears it’s wonderful. Well, what the heck. I like both. It ¬†would have to be wonderful to get past the no dairy thing, but I am willing. Remember, I have the new toy to blend it up with. Grin If you sign up for his newsletter, you also get his bulletproof diet access. I signed up. It looks very Paleo/Primal and similar to my other sites. I am in love. Grin I printed out the shopping list (very similar to others) and I am going shopping. Today. In fact, very shortly. I will report back.

If this pans out, and I can still enjoy my coffee, it may be easier to give up cheese for a couple weeks and see how I feel.

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